Issue 1: Inaugural Issue

In Pine Barrens

Robert Ostrom

          We’ll wade
through shoulder high grass

like this he said           and held out
his arms          until we reach

a parking lot          Recited to each other
our birthmarks: anything

if a lake and then if what
was said          We made logic
out of 40s          Thought up nuanced

narratives of what our lives
would be          mostly our
lives were should I wear
shoes or boots
          Then my favorite

ran off          I couldn’t
hold on to him

not even with teeth           I went looking with

unripe apples I tried to call him

          but his name what was

his name
          stuck in my windpipe
I know

He could hear me

choking and could smell
the apples but he raced toward
something that would make
my insides burn           Past pine
          in the parking lot now
I’m all I can tell you