Issue 1: Inaugural Issue

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Amira Hanafi

08 March 2011
Women Suffer Assault and Derision at Tahrir March
Al-Masry Al-Youm

I believed I was invisible until I stood on Feleki Street wearing an orange vest, my extraordinary hair and a gas mask while BBC Arabic approached with their puffy black microphone, everyone around me saying, “No comment,” and my sisters walking arm-in-arm through the gas. All the foreigners are at home, and I imagine myself an observer against this wall, one year to the day after my night of savage indoctrination behind a window overlooking Abdel Moneim Riyadh Square, using status updates to never save myself from damage.

19 March 2011
The Saudi Women Revolution Statement

23 March 2011
Egyptian Women Protesters Forced to Take “Virginity Tests”
Amnesty International

26 March 2011
Libyan Woman Tells of Abuse

27 March 2011
Salafis Storm Into Woman’s Home, Accuse Her of Prostitution
Al-Masry Al-Youm

21 April 2011
Tunisian “Gender-Parity” Revolution Hailed

I observed every massive and diminutive Friday demonstration, staying through Saturday, drinking tea on the "ahwa" sidelines, and singing in the center, repeating the rhythm of the wave I am riding as though it can’t drown or close in on me like Central Security batons and guns; even three cans of tear gas can’t make me cry. I am just a writer.

12 May 2011
Saudi Women: “I Will Drive Myself Starting June 17”

31 May 2011
Egypt: Admission of “Forced Virginity Tests” Must Lead to
Justice Amnesty

31 May 2011
Egyptian General Admits “Virginity Checks” Conducted on Protesters

27 June 2011
Egypt: Military Pledges to Stop Forced “Virginity Tests”
Amnesty International

28 July 2011
Could This Woman Be Egypt’s Next President?
The Atlantic

When the gas enters my lungs and the stampede begins behind me this time I can’t get to the edge and I’m caught up with my sisters in the boom, sudden hands rubbing labia and anuses. This is my revolution and I am watching you: I am turning around and screeching and swinging my arms in every face as my sister screams. This is my flailing resistance.

13 November 2011
Fury Over Young Activist Publishing Nude Self-Portrait
Al-Masry Al-Youm

18 November 2011 Who Is Afraid of Alia’s Nudity?
Sawt al Niswa

4 December 2011 From Egypt: Manhood on The Front Lines

Tonight it looks like men and women won’t go together to drink the gases of the revolution. I see women with their sisters and men who I imagine told their girls to stay home. This is not a safe place. But there are persistent characters: illuminated stars, fortunate presences, complete emissaries.

18 December 2011
Photo of Woman Stripped by Egyptian Military: Not Shamed, Not a Victim Bag
News Notes

23 December 2011
Egypt’s Women Must Be Allowed to Protest in Peace
Amnesty International

27 December 2011
“Virginity Tests” on Egypt Protesters Are Illegal, Says Judge
The Guardian

9 January 2012
Egypt’s Women Find Power Still Hinges on Men
The New York Times

I ask all the men in the crowd to raise their hands. A thirteen-year-old boy consoles me while I am reprimanding a man who touched my ass. I want to crush the roots that hold these boys to the old ground. I demand no apologies; I demand to have my body returned to me.

9 January 2012
Women, Revolution, and Army
Al-Masry Al-Youm

11 January 2012
Sexual Violence Is a Crime, Sometimes

19 January 2012
Renowned Activist Nawara Negm Beaten at Maspero
Ahram Online

I believe I am invisible until I start running into friends in the Square and strangers approach me, “I always see you here.” I am not holding a sign. Once or twice I did:“I missed you, Egypt. Patience is limited.” I am not shooting with a camera. I am not taking notes within view of the police. Today what makes me conspicuous? Is it my arrested sisters, my beaten sisters? Is it the ten thousand of us who march in the walking prison of men’s arms? I came here to be an Arab, and I found myself a woman.

23 January 2012
Egyptian Women: Performing In The Margin, Revolting in The Centre
Open Democracy